about lumino editions

Lumino Editions produces books, prints and portfolios working with a variety of talented artists, writers and photographers. We specialize in the design and production of fine art handcrafted limited editions. We also design and manage the production of larger scale and mass market publications.

Our clients include artists & writers—as well as museums, galleries, architects, businesses or individuals for whom high quality design and production values are important. We also create logos, branding ID as well as collateral materials and fine stationery.

The expertly designed books and portfolios we produce can serve to present images or ideas for any number of subjects and for a range of purposes, from purely aesthetic to more commercial.

Projects at Lumino Editions are approached from the viewpoint of an expert craftsman.

Lumino Editions also publishes fine art prints and photographs, under its own imprint, in editions which are available for sale.

the goal

Dedicated to "the arts of the book" the goal of the enterprise is to create quality printed work that will stand the test of time. We seek to offer good advice, excellent service and a sense of meaningful collaboration.


Lumino Editions has been located in Santa Barbara since 1998. It is operated by John Balkwill. Balkwill studied letterpress printing and book design with the renowned fine press printer, Gabriel Rummonds, at the Institute for the Book Arts where he received an MFA in the Book Arts. There he also studied hand bookbinding, the history of the book and a range of graphic arts techniques rooted in the Arts & Crafts Tradition. Earlier Balkwill received a BA in English Literature at the University of Notre Dame and also studied at St. Mary's College in Rome.

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